Graditech Voima 2

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Voima 2

Not only just sounds better than anything you might have heard.

With Voima 2, you get the younger, overall enhanced twin sibling of Voima 1. Though they might look almost the same, the underlying design is very different. Voima 2 has been completely redesigned from scratch: We have optimized the twisting of the conductors, insulation and strands with the sole goal to reduce noise and interference in order to ensure the most unperturbed flow of power to your high-quality components. Voima power cables purify the sound, leaving out unwanted graininess – say goodbye to listening fatigue!

Shipped in 8 - 16 business days.


Graditech Voima 2 incorporates three conductors with a diameter of 2.5mm², wrapped in a 2-PUR insulation. The irregularly wound conductors prohibit narrow-band resonances from building up, linearizing the cable’s electromagnetic behavior. Specially modified Furutech gold-plated pure copper plugs that feature the unique Furutech Floating Field Damper, optimized with non-metallic nylon screws, eliminate all internal RF noise and crosstalk. Voima 2 is thin and even more flexible than the Graditech Voima 1.

Measurements 1.5m @1kHz

  • Capacitance 57pF

  • Inductance 2.32uH

  • Resistance 0.010ohm

For special lengths contact Graditech.

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