We are what we listen to. Here is what I listen to.

Listening to: 'Too Much Monkey Business' from 'After School Session' by 'Chuck Berry'

J.H. 22.12.2018

Listening to: 'Canario (From Fantasia Para Un Gentilhombre)' from 'Love Beach' by 'Emerson, Lake & Palmer'

J.H. 21.12.2018

Listening to: 'Paradise Of Thieves' from 'Double Vision' by 'Arena'

J.H. 15.12.2018

Listening to: 'Daisy' from 'Daisy' by 'Brand New'

J.H. 12.12.2018

Listening to: 'A House Is Not A Motel' from 'Forever Changes (US Mono)' by 'Love'

J.H. 4.12.2018

Listening to: 'Back To Black' from 'Back To Black' by 'Amy Winehouse'


J.H. 1.12.2018

Listening to: 'Falling Into Grace' from 'One Hot Minute' by 'Red Hot Chili Peppers'


J.H. 28.11.2018

Listening to: 'Cemetery Gates' from 'Cowboys From Hell' by 'Pantera'


J.H. 27.11.2018

Listening to: 'All Your Love' from 'Blues Breakers With Eric Clapton' by 'John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers'


J.H. 27.11.2018

Listening to: 'It's A Sin' from 'Actually' by 'Pet Shop Boys'

J.H. 26.11.2018

Listening to: 'Leveled' from 'Echogenetic' by 'Front Line Assembly'

Listening to: 'Kobaïa' from 'Kobaïa (Disc 1)' by 'Magma'

J.H. 25.11.2018


J.H. 25.11.2018

Listening to: 'Spirits in the Material World' from 'Ghost in the Machine' by 'The Police' 

J.H. 24.11.2018

Jussi Hoffrén 26.11.2018