I pack my products well and ship them up during 1-3 business days. I provide the customer with a tracking code and in most cases arrival of the shipment is notified by email and sms text message.

Price list of different delivery methods is here. They all include VAT 24 %:

  • Email, free delivery

  • aaninen shop (Fetch up from my store), free

  • Mail wit a tracking code in Finland, 2,48 €

  • Post package in Finland, starting from 8,56 €

  • Post package in Finland + aaninen.fi donates 30 € to WWF. Starting from 37,20 €

  • Personal delivery in Finland, less than 100 km from Joensuu, 24,80 €

  • Personal delivery in Finland, less than 300 km from Joensuu, 70 €

  • Personal delivery in Finland, less than 600 km from Joensuu, 150 €

  • Parcel connect abroad, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Estonia, starting from 18,60 €

  • Parcel connect abroad, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Romania, Denmark, starting from 35,96 €

I follow the shipments also to make sure they get delivered well.