Metrik - passive version from my own use

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Metrik has been designed to work in difficult acoustics.

This pair has been our own reference and it is used. There are some wear in the cabinets and decent packages for moving these loudspeakers comes along. I am afraid that I can not provide any warranty in case these are sold abroad. Technical support instead will be arranged for rest of my lifetime.

These loudspeakers can be send with courier out side Finland also, but the shipping costs will be quite expensive so my advice is to fetch them. Then you can also listen to them in advance near Joensuu, Finland. In case you arrange the shipping yourself, use the nearest delivery range on the options. In Finland personal delivery is also possible.

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Frequency range 25 - 20 000 Hz (depends on room)

15-inch bass on front and 10-inch behind for cardiodic radiation pattern

Higher frequencies as bipolar

Two 6,5-inch midranges and smooth sounding Air Restriction tweeter (also open from behind)

Size 500 mm (W) x 1290 mm (H without spikes) x 560 mm (D)

Sensitivity approximately 84 dB /2.83 V / 1 m

Minimum impedance 2.7 ohms @ 72 Hz

Nominal impedance 4 ohms

Amplifier requirements 100 watts @ 4 ohm

Weight approximately 70 kg one loudspeaker

For detailed information, contact me.

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