Imperial 2.0 loudspeakers

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An active floor speaker with the benefits of DSP. Works perfect in acoustically difficult rooms. Cardioidic radiation pattern on higher frequencies and bipolar as low as 25 hertz.

Imperial 2.0 floor speakers are delivered personally in Finland. Choose your distance from Joensuu on the options so you will see the total price for one pair delivered and tuned at your home.

For room correction and digital pre-amplifier miniDSP SHD or SHD Studio with Dirac Live are recommended.

The price is for one pair and I offer also custom paint on the front sides.

This pair can be heard and tested with different setups in Joensuu, Heinävaara.

My delivery method and distance from Joensuu
Custom paint on the front sides


Stand speaker:

2.5-way filter design

Cardioidic radiation pattern

Three 7 inch bass-midranges

AMT tweeter

Nominal impedance 4 ohms

Frequency range 65 Hz - 20 000 Hz

Sensitivity 87 dB/W/m

Binding posts as connectors

400 mm (W) x 270 mm (D) x 340 mm (H)

Warranty 3 years


Bipolar radiation pattern

Two 10 inch drivers

Frequency range 25 Hz - 65 Hz (lowpass @ 45 Hz Bessel)

Amplification power 2 x 140 watts

Inputs with RCA , XLR and as digital AES/EBU (coaxial SPDIF works also)

Output with binding posts to the stand speaker

Control with RJ45 Ethernet (PC ja MAC)

Limited control with mobile app (iOS and Android)

400 mm (W) x 270 mm (D) x 700 mm (H) (without spikes)

Warranty 3 years

This product has been designed with the DSP technology of miniDSP.

Jussi Arvio has put on some words on these loudspeaker on Hifimaailma 7 / 2020.

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Imperial 2.0 ohje

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