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miniDSP PWR-ICE250 plate amp

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2x250W @ 4Ω or 1 x 500W @ 8Ω DSP plate amplifier, Powered by ICEpower® 250ASX2 module, Ethernet control, FIR + IIR filter




  • 2 balanced (XLR inputs)

  • 2 line stage (RCA) inputs

  • Digital AES/EBU (XLR) input and pass trough

  • Control with Ethernet, works with WiFi also when connected to router

  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS to change the presets and adjust the main volume

  • Two channel or BTL mode

  • IcePower ASX2 amplifier modules

  • 1x 500W @ 8Ω in BTL mode

  • 2 x 250W @ 4Ω in two channel mode

  • Control software and upgrades from miniDSP's web pages

  • Crossovers fully adjustable for each channel (high pass, low pass)

  • Parametric EQ on each channel for room correction

  • Delay adjustments on each channel for accurate phase adjustment

  • Also adjustable compressor for each output

  • Longer warranty, 2 years

More information on miniDSP's product page.

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