miniDSP EARS Headphone Jig

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Calibrated headphone test fixture, low noise capsules, USB audio plug&play setup, Configurable jumpers.

Each pair of EARS has two microphone capsules mounted in a minimal "dummy head". Measurement output is via the driverless USB connection. The EARS are powered from the USB so there is no need for an external power supply. To measure headphones, just mount your headphones on the rig and run a measurement sweep using your headphone amp and favorite measurement program (e.g. Room EQ Wizard).

The supplied calibration file corrects for the response of the microphone capsule and the ear. The miniDSP EARS is the perfect tool for creating EQ filters for the miniDSP HA-DSP headphone amplifier or for any other headphone system with EQ capability.



  • Frequency range 20 – 20 000 Hz

  • Driverless USB 1.0 connection Win/Mac/Linux

  • 24-bit AD convertion with 48 khz sample rate

  • Unique calibration files from miniDSP’s webpage with serial number

  • Weight 1,3 kg

  • USB powered, cable included

  • Longer warranty, 2 years

More information on miniDSP's product page.

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