Ticket for 1 hour design work

Tax included I have time, just contact me.

Product development is something I have done for a long time. Since I fell in love with loudspeaker designing I have gathered around nice tools to work with. I use CAD software for modeling the enclosures and LspCAD to get the crossovers right. Actually I am just a carpenter who has been educated also for product development so I know how real wood works among time. Loudspeaker design is a passion of mine and It has been the golden line for me to achieve these skills.

For you I can offer exact designing process and also good carpenter work in Finland. Kuviopuu in Helsinki has been a long time partner for me and together we can pull out quite difficult projects like Imperial 2.0.

I have time, just contact me.

Just send me your sketch and I will answer with an offer of my work. This ticket includes one hour of design and it can be purchased through this web shop. The project of yours can be documented to easy instructions and it will be scheduled for your needs.

I have the following skills and tools in use

  • PTC Creo Elements / Direct Modeling CAD-ohjelma
  • LspCAD 6 (also version 5.25 for enclosure modeling)
  • All Adobe software
  • Room EQ Wizard with a decent measuring hardware
  • Loudspeaker modeling in practice with DSP technology
  • All miniDSP technology

You can contact me with email and I will evaluate your project and answer with an offer and schedule.

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