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Due to music, you are here. Keep up the rhythm

To be a beautiful human, there is a need to listen to the inner you. Culture washing is natural for me and it makes us possible to enjoy live music. I offer you a seat of reality to listen future music even at your home.


If you are feeling shy and don't want to be in te NameSecret place in PlaceSecret, you can check your self in for Net Ticket to enjoy the presentation at your home. Among the ticket you get link and instructions to enjoy where every you are.

Some of the most glowing presentations can be already enjoyed anywhere at any time.

Karvas - Kujanjuoksu


You get the video larger from the settings.

Matias Kangas - Juoksija

You get the video larger from the settings.

Thanks for everyone! I'm offering this feature of mine as rough as maybe.

J.H. 1.1.2024

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