miniDSP 2x4 HD preamplifiers with DSP and EARS headphone measuring jigs are expected to be in my stock again on 2.6.2023.

J.H. 23.5.2023

More miniDSP SHD's should arrive to my stock on 1.3.2023.

J.H. 27.2.2023

I'm expecting UMIK-1 and UMIK-2 microphones to arrive to my stock on 24.1.2023.

J.H. 18.1.2023

UMIK-1 has ran short in my stock, but more is on their way among UMIK-2. Most of miniDSP and Dayton Audio products can be delivered and some new products should be published as soon as I have some time to build the infos.

The stock status and delivery time are now more informative and someone might even get an sticker!

J.H. 15.1.2023

Wide range of miniDSP products I'm offering can be now preordered and best selling ones will be ordered more to my own stock soon.

J.H. 9.1.2023

miniDSP 2x4 basic version has become end of it's life and it is now unavailable also from the manufacturer. The new Flex series products should appear here some day, but it will take some time though.

J.H. 14.10.2022

More UMIK-1 microphones are on their way and they are expected to arrive 10.8.2022.

J.H. 1.8.2022

UMIK-1 ran out of stock and I'm short on UMIK-2 also. Because I don't have stock right now, the microphone will be delivered to the customer later on without additional shipping costs if it is ordered among some other product. I will make an order to miniDSP as soon as possible and inform also how basic version of 2x4 is available.

There is some pressure to raise the prices a little, but so far the microphones are available on old prices for orders in advance.

J.H. 19.6.2022

2x4 HD is expected to be in stock again on 25.5.2022. Klara Vappen!

J.H. 30.4.2022

Digital pre amplifier with analog connections, miniDSP SHD, is coming to stock on 25.5.2022. There is a little discount on presales.

J.H. 1.4.2022

More miniDSP SHD Studios and UMIK-1's are coming before 25.3.2022. There for SHD Studio is on pre sale with a bit lower price.

J.H. 2.3.2022

I sell also Dayton Audio products now and again so the loudspeaker and subwoofer models I have designed are the sound of the future.

J.H. 8.2.2022

UMIK-1's arrived a bit early and there is some stock again.

J.H. 2.2.2022

UMIK-1 microphones suddenly ran out of stock. More is coming on 8.2.2022 and there is a 5 € discount for preorders because of a little waiting.

J.H. 25.1.2022

Products from miniDSP arrive next week including new models such as SHD Studio and the OLED remote control unit for C-DSP 8x12 car audio processor. I have some car audio processors also in stock and I should get them online during the Christmas days.

J.H. 12.12.2021

Products from miniDSP arrived and there is some stock again.

J.H. 16.11.2021

Sales with lower prices had ended last night, but I continued it until the end of the day.

J.H. 10.11.2021

I added also some relevant accessories available and customers who have already made their orders will be notified personally how they can get the accessories also among the order already placed.

J.H. 5.11.2021

New stock will be available for deliveries in late November this year 2021. For anxious customers there are possibility to order in advance with lower prices until 10.11.2021.

The only payment method so far is a bank transfer as prepayment.