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  • Loudspeakers

    Loudspeakers and DIY kits which are designed in Finland

  • Accesories

    Little things that I have found handy among my main products.

  • miniDSP

    Now for ten years I have been following how acoustics are being noticed on sound reproduction and listening

    I offer wide range of products from miniDSP and most important of those is UMIK-1. The knowledge it provides about the acoustics and sound reproduction in room is the basis to adjust the acoustics or make some room corrections digitally. At first it is wise to knowledge the situations. Sometimes there isn't an option for enough acoustic treatments and you need to do room corrections digitally. This is what miniDSP is for.

    All the miniDSP products are provided with efficient digital signal processing, DSP technology, that is easy to use with your computer. Many of the products are provided with the Dirac Live room correction, which is quite well automated for the user, but offers good options to adjust the results exactly on your taste.

  • services by hoffa

    The world needs service and good one. That is why I offer it and I hope that my customers find me when they have problems that need solutions.

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